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Safely visiting loved ones in residential care centers.

Safely visiting loved ones in residential care centers


As part of the COVID-19 restrictions and the associated ban on visiting rehabilitation and nursing homes, many residents suffer from the separation of their family members. That is why we created a solution that makes visits possible in complete safety. Algeco can offer you a unit equipped with a partition wall and an intercom so that visitors can visit their loved ones without health risks.




Tailored to retirement homes and disability care centers

This unit can be placed at short notice near your center. For example in a courtyard, in front of the central entrance, on the parking lot, ... The visitors' room has two entrances, with the possibility of adding a driveway for wheelchair users. The dimensions are also all in accordance with the use of wheelchairs or people who have difficulty walking. This way, residents accompanied by an attendant can enter the unit on one side and visitors on the other side.




Inside, the visitors' area can be fully furnished and decorated according to your wishes and needs. Would you like to provide a washbasin or cupboard with decontamination equipment? We are happy to assist you. In the center of the unit we place a partition wall with windows. This allows residents and visitors to see each close by, without any risks. In addition, we also install an intercom so that they can communicate easily with each other. If you would like to make use of other communication possibilities, we can of course install a data facility during the delivery.

With this modular solution, you quickly have extra space outside your center to guarantee safe visits from loved ones for your residents.

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360° Services

The Algeco 360° Services have been specially developed to provide our customers with all-round ready-to-use solutions.

Consequently our customers will no longer be confronted with the organization and management of several suppliers or will no longer have to wait for several parties. In other words, no worries, no loss of time and extra costs.

Only 1 correspondent and everything ready-to-use upon delivery

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