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Back to school with respect for social distancing: need extra space?

Back to school with respect for social distancing: need extra space?


Schools will gradually reopen and lessons will be given in classrooms again, but only if the necessary precautions are taken. Sufficient distance must be guaranteed at all times between teacher and students but also between students themselves. Does your school need extra space to comply with social distancing guidelines? Modular classrooms are the ideal solution!




Ready-to-use units, fully equipped according to the distancing rules

Our modular classrooms can be delivered and installed at short notice on your school site or at your out-of-school childcare centre. We will search together with you to find the best solution in terms of space usage. Only have limited space available for installation? No problem, our units can also be stacked.




Inside, our units can be fully furnished and decorated according to your wishes and needs. Thanks to our 360° services, we provide you with all the possible furniture, essential accessories and possibly sanitary facilities. We are also happy to design classrooms for out-of-school care or sanitary blocks to suit your needs. In this way, your students will soon all be able to return to their familiar school environment without you having to worry about a lack of space. In all our designs we take into account the minimum distance of 1.5m per person.




With our modular classrooms, out-of-school shelters or sanitary units, you will quickly have extra space on your school grounds to ensure the safe return of your students.

Would you like to receive more information or a quotation without obligation? Don't hesitate to contact us on 0800 90 485 or by e-mail. Our teams will be happy to help you!




360° Services

The Algeco 360° Services have been specially developed to provide our customers with all-round ready-to-use solutions.

Consequently our customers will no longer be confronted with the organization and management of several suppliers or will no longer have to wait for several parties. In other words, no worries, no loss of time and extra costs.

Only 1 correspondent and everything ready-to-use upon delivery

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