The christening of the ‘Neptune' vessel

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Project description

The christening of a maritime vessel is not such a common event, but when it does occur, it is certainly unforgettable. The GeoSea vessel Neptune was christened in Ostend. Algeco helped The Oval Office Event Agency make it an exceptional day by providing the infrastructure for the reception.


The wishes of the client

For the christening of the vessel, the ceremony had to be the absolute pinnacle of excellence. It was therefore only logical that the event agency wanted a structure with enormous windows to make it possible to admire the Neptune from all sides.


Absolute comfort

After two days of construction, a magnificent, comfortable and fully-equipped building, decorated with impressive photos on the walls, was erected and ready to receive guests. Guests were warmly welcomed and had the opportunity to enjoy a snack and a drink while admiring the view. The event agency The Oval Office thanked Algeco for their excellent collaboration.

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