Advance:A model example of flexibility, functionality, modularity and comfort.

A model example of flexibility, functionality, modularity and comfort.

What about your offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, canteens and accommodation rented for less than 24 months?  Opt for the flexibility, functionality, safety and comfort of Algeco Advance.


Comfort is not the only important factor when constructing offices, classrooms, canteens, control posts or temporary meeting rooms. After all, ingenious solutions are also key to provide you with optimum functionality. Each day your staff will continue to enjoy the pleasant comfort in spaces that have been developed with consideration for the finer details.

And when it comes to safety you can be rest assured at all times. The Algeco Advance+ and particularly the modules Advance REI will ensure that your premises satisfy your strictest requirements, especially in terms of fire safety.

Advance FL

Can be connected and stacked with a maximum of one lower and one upper floor. The standard Flash type design in ADVANCE is extremely flexible and offers plenty of potential, such as a wide passageway, thanks to interchangeable wall panels. Standard features include roller blinds and a marmoleum floor.

Advance FR

Our Advance 9118 units are designed to limit energy consumption to a minimum. These Algeco units provide further comfort and safety, whilst also maximising sophistication and speed.

Advance + (REI60)





This unit (Flash type) satisfies the fire performance criteria REI(w) 60. Fire resistance is of vital importance, and in the case of stacked units, it is particularly important that the lower unit prevents the entire construction from collapsing. The REI(w) 60 boasts a unique supporting structure. After 60 minutes the impact on supporting capacity, flame density and insulation (heat transfer) is minimal, and therefore maximises protection. Fire resistance has been tested on the frame, walls, floor and roof in compliance with the safety standards EN-1365-1:2012 and EN-1365-1:199.

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360° Services

The Algeco 360° Services have been specially developed to provide our customers with all-round ready-to-use solutions.

Consequently our customers will no longer be confronted with the organization and management of several suppliers or will no longer have to wait for several parties. In other words, no worries, no loss of time and extra costs.

Only 1 correspondent and everything ready-to-use upon delivery

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