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Greet Theunis

How would you describe your role as Credit Manager in modular construction?

As a Credit Manager in modular construction, my role is pivotal in ensuring the financial stability and sustainability of projects. I oversee the credit assessment process, which involves evaluating the creditworthiness of clients and partners. This is crucial in a business like modular construction where projects often require significant upfront investment.

What qualifications do you think are needed to do the job well?

  • Firstly, a solid understanding of finance and accounting is essential.
  • Additionally, excellent analytical skills are crucial for assessing credit risks accurately.
  • Communication skills are equally important, as I often collaborate with various departments and external stakeholders.
  • Being detail-oriented and having a proactive approach to problem-solving are also invaluable in this role.

What does Algeco mean to you?

Algeco represents innovation and excellence in modular construction.
A company that is not only at the forefront of technological advancements but also places a strong emphasis on sustainable and efficient building practices. It is a privilege to contribute to a team that is shaping the future of construction in such a meaningful way.
Moreover, for me, it holds a special significance as my father’s success as a building contractor has always fueled my keen interest for this industry.