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Frequently asked questions

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The Algeco range

What are the advantages of a modular building?

With a modular construction, you quickly have additional space at your disposal. You can enlarge it or move it as you wish.

Will an Algeco building last as long as a traditional building?

Yes, Algeco structures have the same qualities as traditional buildings.

Hire or buy?

Both options are possible. Discuss the possibilities with our sales team

Can you look after the entire construction process?

Yes, we can take care of your project from A to Z. From design and installation to total furnishing and maintenance.

Do you provide an aftersales service?

Algeco guarantees an after-sales service for all its products.

Do you sell used accommodation?

From time to time, we offer second-hand modules. Please contact us for the possibilities.

Do you have existing homes for hire?

We only supply temporary and semi-permanent accommodation to the government, educational institutions, construction companies, events and the business community. For housing, we refer you to your local contractor.

Feasibility of a modular construction

Is a crane required to install a module?

Sometimes an assembly or a storey requires a crane. For this purpose, a project leader will visit your site.
A monoblock module can be taken off the lorry in no time.

Does a modular construction need foundations?

Foundations are only required for stacked modules and on poor quality terrain.
We do provide foundation tiles as standard with every request.

How do I now whether my site is suitable for a module?

Do you have doubts about accessibility? An Algeco advisor can visit the site. Contact us.

Do I have to apply for a permit?

This differs for each type of housing and municipality. Based on your plans, always check with your municipality whether you need a permit. Naturally, we will be happy to advise you personally.

Can you deliver throughout Belgium?

We deliver from our 2 branches all over Belgium.

Can you deliver outside of Belgium?

Algeco is in 26 landen (Europa en Azië) gevestigd en daardoor is leveren in het buitenland ook mogelijk. Door onze zeer nauwe samenwerking met onze Nederlandse collega's kunnen wij vanuit de hele Benelux een groot assortiment aan oplossingen bieden. Neem contact op voor de mogelijkheden.

Algeco has offices in 26 countries (Europe and Asia), which means that deliveries to other countries are also possible. Thanks to our very close collaboration with our Dutch colleagues, we are able to offer a wide range of solutions from the entire Benelux. Contact us to find out about the possibilities.

How quickly can you deliver?

That depends on your wishes, the area, our availability of units and the type of building. But we are used to very short delivery times and tight schedules. Smaller projects with units are usually delivered within a few days.

Last-minute need for extra space or a storage container? Take a look at our Algeco Express service where we can deliver 3 types of units the next working day.

Technical properties

How many storeys are possible?

This depends on the type of unit used for your building. From our expertise, we always propose the most efficient unit type adapted to your project.
Advance units can be stacked up to 2 storeys. With Origin units, depending on the type, this is 3 to 4 storeys. Progress units can be stacked up to 2 storeys on top of each other.

How do I store my valuable items?

With Algecostorage: a secure container fitted with an anti-vandalism lock, exclusively from Algeco.


Is it safe to receive guests in the modular buildings?

Algeco offers all of the safety guarantees and complies with the technical standards in force. 

Are the buildings insured?

When you hire an Algeco building, it is always compulsory to take out an Algeco Damage Waiver. This covers break-ins, graffiti and more.