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Algeco Express

Fast delivery, flexible rental period and can be used anywhere.

Algeco Express =



Ready to use

3 types of units

5 interior packages


Our Algeco Express units are ready for use in our yard and are delivered to you and installed during the course of the next working day.
By hiring an Algeco Express unit, you also benefit from a service intervention or replacement the next working day. Your workflow is thus guaranteed.


Ready to use

Whatever the duration of your project, Algeco Express units are ready for transport immediately upon receipt of your order and proof of payment.
Please note: the number of units is limited and depends on the availability of the fleet.

Choice of 3 types of units

Algeco Express offers you a choice of 3 types of units that are ready for delivery every day on our construction site, and are delivered the next working day.
Given their extremely fast express delivery, these units cannot be modified.

Algeco units Origin IN26

6 m x 2,5 m

Algeco units Origin IN36

6 m x 3 m

Algeco Storage

20 feet

Choice of 5 additional packages

Each type of unit can also be fitted out according to your requirements by choosing one of the packages below at a special Algeco Express price.

In order to guarantee express delivery, the composition of these packages cannot be modified. Extra items can be added at an extra cost.

  • Office
  • Workstation
  • Canteen
  • Lockerroom
  • Storage
Algeco Express kantoorpakket

Office equipment for 1 person available for ORI-15 and ORI-18

  • Magnetic whiteboard
  • 1 coat rack
  • 1 rollable desk container
  • 1 office table
  • 1 office chair on wheels
  • 1 wastepaper basket
  • 1 desk cupboard with 2 doors
Algeco Express workstationpakket

Workstation package for ORI-15 and ORI-18

(can be combined with the office package)

  • 1 office table
  • 1 rollable desk container
  • 1 wastepaper basket
  • 1 office chair on wheels


Algeco Express kantinepakket

Available for ORI-15 and ORI-18

  • 2 tables of 1.6 m x 0.6 m
  • 8 canteen chairs
  • 1 dustbin
  • 1 coat rack
Algeco Express kleedkamerpakket

Available for ORI-15 and ORI-18

  • Choose from an arrangement of lockers with 16 or 32 doors.
  • 2 benches of 2 metres (depending on the size of the unit)
  • 1 rubbish bin

Only available for the storage container

  • Storage racks
  • Electrical installation (socket & lighting)
  • Security lock

Algeco Express units are offered with the following extras as standard:

  • Foundation tiles
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Emergency lighting
  • Smoke detector
  • Algeco Damage Waiver

The minimum rental period for Algeco Express units is one month. The maximum rental period is unlimited. Flexibility premium Tier 1 is included as standard in this rental price, which means that you benefit from a price guarantee and have the option of terminating your contract at any time (provided that you respect the minimum notice period).

The images used on this page are purely illustrative. The final product delivered may differ from this presentation and depends on the availability of units and products. 

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