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A school building offers children more than just a roof over their heads.
and healthy indoor climate, safe classrooms, clean sanitary facilities, etc.
In other words, everything you as a parent would expect from a school building.

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Products and solutions


Design, vibrant and stylish, high-quality constructions for prestigious classrooms.
Progress is made using only the best materials and all aspects and furnishings are investigated in the finest of detail.
A matter of making our image even more prestigious.


A model example of flexibility, functionality, and comfort.

If you need to hire offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, canteens and accommodation for a period of less than 24 months, this is the perfect unit for your project.


Simplicity and functionality
The Origin range has been designed with a particular focus on flexibility.

These solid and heavy-duty modules can be installed in a matter of hours and can be stacked up to 4 storeys high.

360° Services

A classroom is not complete without the right climate control and ventilation. 

If you are looking for adapted furniture for your pupils, Algeco has a wide range of furniture and sanitary facilities suitable for any age category.