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Real estate specialist Skyline Europe opts for Algeco.
Flora-Aalst, the new construction project where +200 energy-efficient new build flats, houses, services and commercial spaces will be built.

A modular project, that's just a container, right? Not at all!
Algeco tailors your modular project so that it matches your branding and looks inviting.
Real estate giant Skyline Europe shared this vision, which resulted in a magnificent made-to-measure project.

Flora-Aalst, a new construction project involving the construction of +200 low-energy apartments, housing, services and commercial spaces, real estate trader Skyline Europe relied on Algeco's products and services. They opted for the popular modular units type Flash units, widely known for their flexibility and efficiency.

  • Project specifications
  • Location
  • Number of unit(s)

Besides the Deco service that determines the appearance, other 360 Services were also called upon, such as:

  • Climate control, a compact airco type 4 in 1 inverter was chosen. This unit can ventilate and dehumidify in addition to cooling and heating.
    Nice to know, an inverter unit is up to 35% more economical in use than a traditional air-condition system.
  • Kitchenette, is smaller than a standard kitchen but perfectly allows for simple meal preparation and basic food storage and preparation facilities. It is therefore the ideal solution for project sites where a fully equipped kitchen is not required but where there’s still the need for some kitchen facilities.

Why Algeco?

Algeco takes a customer-focused approach, which means that we are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and provide added value. The in-house team of experts works with the client to determine which type of modular unit offers the most appropriate solution, according to the customer’s needs and wishes. Customer-oriented work generates enthusiasm, which makes customers want to do business on a frequent basis.

In short, the modular Flash units personalised in their house style and equipped with 360° Services will serve as an information point to welcome potential buyers, traders and suppliers. This choice stems from Skyline Europe's confidence in the quality and reliability of Algeco.