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Joris Lacroix

How would you describe your role as a drawer in modular construction?

My role as drawer/drawer at Algeco Belgium revolves around translating customer and sales requirements into detailed drawings. I use appropriate 3D drawing software to provide the customer with a visual representation of their project.

I also work closely with the operations department to ensure that my drawings are practically feasible. Collaboration is at the heart of my job content, as teamwork is crucial to achieving successful results.

What qualifications do you think are needed to do the job well?

  • First, an analytical mind is crucial so that you can adequately assess customer needs and translate them into feasible solutions.
  • In addition, stress resistance is key, given the pressing deadlines and the need to complete tasks in a timely manner. A proactive attitude, problem-solving thinking and creativity are also essential to be successful in this role.
  • Finally, structured working is very important. If you are often working on several projects simultaneously, it is extremely important to work efficiently.

Which department would you like to work in?

Outside sales seems interesting to me, especially as I used to work in sales. Building trust with customers is very important to me. Nevertheless, I prefer to stay in my current position, as drawing is my passion.

What does Algeco mean to you?

To me, Algeco is a stable company where the well-being of employees is central. It is a company where you can feel good and enjoy working. It also attaches great importance to sustainability and safety, which are social priorities today.