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Sara Gaeini

What makes your working day a perfect/successful day?

A perfect/successful day for me depends on several aspects.
For me it mainly concerns the overall contact with the colleagues, the informal lunches and being in the right environment that contribute to having a successful day, but apart from those factors, I gain a lot of positive energy when I achieve results on a short term.

This can relate to setting up a new workflow, automating existing work processes or coming up with new successful ideas that can ease the operational flow.

How would your colleagues describe you?

I asked several colleagues how they would describe me in one word and it came out that I am cheerful, spontaneous, eager to learn, helpful and a team player! These are all positive qualities, so I am very satisfied.

If you needed to switch jobs for a day, in which department would you like to work?

As my colleagues describe me as a real team player, I would like to work in the Marketing & Communication department. In this job, it is very important that the entire team works together and knows exactly what every team member’s strong qualities are, so that they can work in a complementary way and achieve the best results possible.

What does Algeco mean to you?

For me, Algeco is the number one supplier of temporary and semi-permanent accommodation solutions. Before I worked here, I did not even know that some permanent buildings were made of modular units. The units can be fully decorated according to the client’s wishes, you name it, we provide it.
Algeco acts as a one-stop-shop partner, offering the customer a complete 360-degree service solution.  As an employer, I can say that Algeco is a flexible partner where work-life balance is key.