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Kristof Boermans

How would you describe your role as a Depot Employee/Team Leader in modular construction?

As a depot employee in the modular unit industry, I play a vital role in the logistics process of modular units, also known as prefabricated or modular buildings.
As team leader of the Sanitary (New Sales) department, I am responsible for all operational processes related to the preparation and delivery of the modular sanitary units.

In concrete terms, this means that our six-member in-house team will structurally install the requested sanitary services such as sinks, showers and toilets according to plan. After final inspection by my side, the unit receives the green light to go to the next stop in our depot. 

As sustainability is strongly woven into our DNA, we try to recycle our units as much as possible. This often means that we have to create a completely new unit layout from a non-standard one. Surely this process requires some insight and creative approach, which makes the job very challenging and fun.

What qualifications do you think are needed to do the job well?

As a depot employee in the modular unit industry, you will contribute to the efficient delivery of high-quality modular buildings, enabling customers to quickly benefit from these modern building solutions. To perform this job satisfactorily, the following qualifications are required: 

  • Organisational ability and accuracy
  • Basic knowledge of warehouse management and logistics processes
  • Understanding of safety procedures related to warehouse work
  • Physical ability to lift and move heavy objects
  • Good communication skills and team player

If you needed to change jobs for a day, which other department would you like to work in?

If I had to change jobs for a day, I would like to perform the role of project manager. This is because it would give me the opportunity to discover hands-on at the client site how everything works.
It would also allow me to make the most of my skills, be challenged in a dynamic environment, promote sustainable construction practices and work with a top-notch team. It is a job that inspires me and that is exactly why I would go for this position.

What does Algeco mean to you?

For me, Algeco means stability and growth.
For 16+ years, I have seen the organisation evolve and flourish, which has given me a sense of pride and commitment. The company has given me the opportunity to develop my skills and expertise, allowing me to develop myself over the years.