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Ida Biesmans & Johan Janssens

Ida, how would you describe your role as Supply Chain & Procurement Support in modular construction?

In my role as Supply Chain & Procurement Support, I primarily focus on creating purchase orders for a wide range of materials and supplies. This includes workwear and various materials essential for carrying out modular construction projects, ranging from small construction materials to heavy cranes and forklifts.

I obtain this valuable information from our experienced project leaders, who have a thorough knowledge of the project sites and provide me with accurate data to ensure smooth progress of the work.

For our comprehensive 360° Services, I am also the designated person for ordering furniture, fire safety equipment, climate control devices, and more. The entire product catalog is familiar to me!

Last but not least, I always make sure that our offices are equipped with the necessary materials to ensure a seamless collaboration. I also place great importance on a positive work atmosphere, so I ensure that my colleagues can enjoy a delightful cup of coffee or other warm drinks and soup of their choice at any time of the day!

In summary, as Supply Chain & Procurement Support, I must be able to adapt flexibly to changes and switch gears quickly, especially for our extensive projects.


Johan, how would you describe your role as Depot Manager in modular construction?

In my role as Depot Manager at Algeco, I am responsible for the operational management of the depot, including optimizing the layout of the building plans and allocating any additional specific requirements.

This may involve adding extra emergency lighting or other specifications to ensure that the project is prepared, transported, and executed according to all safety regulations.
Additionally, I also bear the responsibility for deploying subcontractors in our depot. I also coordinate and manage the depot schedule based on UPMD (units per man day). When maintenance work is needed in the building, I am the first one ready!

In short, flexibility is an absolute necessity in my role, and a 9-to-5 mentality definitely doesn't fit in.

Which department would you like to work in someday?

Ida: "I would like to work in the marketing department! It seems like a fun experience and a way to bring out my creative side."

Johan: "After everything I've done within Algeco so far, I would like to work a day as a project leader. I've always wanted to experience what it's like to work directly on-site with a customer and fulfill their wishes."

What does Algeco mean to you?

Johan: "After 34 years of service, Algeco truly feels like a second home to me!"

Ida: "Well, Algeco is very important to me. I like to contribute to the company, especially to ensure that I can play my part in the existence and continuation of Algeco. And... I also found my husband at Algeco, haha!"

How do you experience working together as a couple in the same company?

Ida: "Actually, we only work directly together when it comes to the hours of the subcontractors and the electrical inspections. Otherwise, we can keep work and private life well separated."

Johan: "I completely agree with that."