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Safety is a top priority at Algeco


Complying with safety requirements is only the beginning

Algeco units are renowned for their quality and reliability. We improve both the units and their environment with safety accessories from our 360° Services which, just like our units, are certified by accredited bodies (VCA, ISO 9001).

With our safety accessories, we respond to the strict hygiene and safety measures that apply in every sector; in industry and petrochemicals, construction, education, public buildings, events and wherever you find our modular units.

Your modular units may be temporary, but the safety standards are the same as for a permanent building.

Algeco's safety accessories

Our Safety Service offers accessories and spare parts to prevent and combat any hazardous situation. For fire safety, you can think of emergency lighting, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and even fire extinguishers for hire. To prevent burglary or vandalism, we have a complete range of accessories for rent, such as motion detectors, exterior lighting, fencing and window and door bars. In addition, your units are always insured thanks to the mandatory Algeco Damage Waiver.

Are you interested in optimising the security of your temporary Algeco building?Algeco 

Algeco Damage Waiver


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Video surveillance


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