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Algeco - a protected trade mark

Algeco is regularly used as a generic term for modular constructions. This is prohibited by law.

Algeco is so much more. The historic inventor of modular constructions and world leader in the field, Algeco offers today a wide range of solutions. Our temporary and permanent modules are used in many different areas: schools, offices, events, industry and construction.

Algeco is renowned for the quality of its products and for its know-how.

The name Algeco is an exclusive patented commercial brand, and as such, is protected. The use of the brand name ALGECO® as a generic name by non-authorised third parties is therefore prohibited. Especially since this often goes hand in hand with a pejorative connotation that damages our corporate image and weakens our brand name.

We even explicitly requested the removal of the word Algeco from the dictionaries. Because such use could invalidate our rights as a brand owner - rights that we absolutely want to protect.

Our company reserves the right to react against third parties who reproduce our brand name to such an extent or in such circumstances as to harm us.

To avoid confusion and any inaccurate associations, we would like to specify that the word Algeco must only be used to designate products and installations belonging to our company.