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Léopold De Schaetzen

How would you best describe your job?

In my function as Depot Manager, I am responsible for receiving, organizing and distributing the modular units. This contains a wide variety of daily tasks such as:

  • Modular unit preparation
  • Purchasing materials
  • Transport and Fleet management
  • Staff management
  • To have a problem-solving approach

What makes your working day a perfect/successful day?

The definition of a successful day for me is one where I was able to find the most appropriate and most efficient solution for various unforeseen challenges that can occur during the day, such as a delay on a scheduled transport or a delivery of an incomplete picking note.
As well as colleagues and subcontractors having a productive and constructive day in a good mood contibutes to my overall work happiness.


How would your colleagues describe you?

My colleagues describe me as a jovial and genuine guy, who’s always ready to assist when needed. I often take the lead on some projects and facilitate communication between various parties to make sure we're all on the same page.
In the end we are all working towards the same goal, which is : « Creating smart spaces for people to live, work and learn »


Which department would you like to work in?

If I needed to change jobs for a day, I would definitely choose for an Algeco Fitter position.
I would really enjoy the fact that I would be able to change my work environment on a daily basis and contribute to the final structural installation of our modular units on the clients project site.


What does Algeco mean for you?

I have known the modular construction company since I was a young boy as my mom already works for more than 20 years at Algeco. During my days as a student I executed various student jobs, where I gained my first working experience within the company. 

When the opportunity of taken over my mothers position in the Perwez Depot presented itself, I grabbed it with both hands. As I always saw her blossoming and happy to work for Algeco, I thought to myself, now it's my turn to work in a happy workplace environment.

She proceeded working in a promoted function at the headquarters in Beringen, as I started the onboarding procedure in Perwez.

Algeco is an exciting company to work for and with great plans for the future.