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Advance +

Fireproof with the REI criterion

Het Advance + range consists of 3 unit ranges

  • Standaard units: 8 configurations that represent the perfect base for your building
  • Sanitary units: if you need a shower, washing area or toilet, there are 7 configurations to choose from
  • Staircase: if you need a 2-storey building, there are 2 covered staircases to choose from
  • Standard units
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Staircase
Advance Plus

These units are available with 4, 3, or 2 outer walls 
In addition, we have configurations available that have an inner wall to create a hallway that creates two separate spaces.

The standard size is 18m² (approximately 6 x 3 m).

All our units are fitted with:

  • 1 double window with shutters
  • Electricity cables hidden away in the wall and ceiling.
  • Electrical heating
  • Marmoleum floor covering
  • In addition, they all meet the REI criteria

 If you want additional security, data points, etc., please consider our 360° Services.

Advance Flash sanitair

If you require a toilet or shower room as part of your project, you can choose from 7 sanitary configurations from the Advance REI 60 range. The standard size of these units is 18m². 

Choose from the configurations below, with showers, toilets, urinals and wash throughs.