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Advance FR 9118

Modular, ecological and comfortable

If you need any adjustments, such as
an extra door or window, or extra power points. It’s no problem!

The Advance FR range consists of 3 unit ranges

  • Standard units: 8 configurations that represent the perfect base for your building
  • Sanitary units: if you need a shower, washing area or toilet, there are 3 configurations to choose from
  • Staircase: if you need a 2-storey building, there are 3 covered staircases to choose from
  • Standard units
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Staircase

These units are available with 4, 3, or 2 outer walls 
In addition, we have configurations available that have an inner wall to create a hallway that creates two separate spaces.

The standard size is 18m² (approximately 6 x 3 m).
We also offer a smaller model - FL147 - of 9m² (approximately 3 x 3 m).

All our units are fitted with:

  • 1 double window with shutters
  • Electricity cables hidden away in the wall and ceiling.
  • Electrical heating
  • Marmoleum floor covering

 If you want additional security, data points, etc., please consider our 360° Services.



If you require a toilet or shower room as part of your project,

you can choose from 14 sanitary configurations from the Advance Flash range. The standard size of these units is 18m² but Algeco can also supply a smaller type - FL257 - 9m². 

Thanks to their flexibility, these units can be integrated seamlessly with our standard units in an office building, schools, industrial plot and many more, The possibilities truly are endless. 

Choose from the configurations below, with showers, toilets, urinals and even a disabled toilet.